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EBBOT LUNDBERG has now hooked up with THE INDIGO CHILDREN. Ebbot and the band entered the studio to record FOR THE AGES TO COME. The album is a 42 minute odyssey consisting of new songs written and produced by Ebbot Lundberg.

The album contains ten songs, which includes two cover songs, "Calling from Heaven" (Cerca De Las Estrellas) originally by Spanish cult band LOS PEKENIKES and "Don't Blow Your Mind" by ALICE COOPER.

EBBOT LUNDBERG has made a name for himself as the charismatic frontman and bandleader of two of Scandinavian rock history's most important and influential acts. First, as the energetic madman of the subversive underground rock ´n´roll band UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS (1986-1993), and secondly with the more pop/ rock/psychedelic act THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES (1994-2012).
THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES won several grammy awards in Sweden, and their 3rd album "Behind The Music" was also nominated at the American grammys for best rock/indie album which led to a lot of TV-show appearances with hosts like David Letterman, Jools Holland, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien etc.

After THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES split in late 2012 (after seven albums and endless world touring) Ebbot released a very trippy instrumental album titled,
THERE`S ONLY ONE OF US HERE (2012)  and an even more spaced out album with "THE NEW ALCHEMY" (Live 2013 at Ales Stenar together with artists Clay Ketter, Per Svensson and saxophonist Mats Gustavsson).

To be continued...
Ebbot Lundberg

Photo Dan Isaac Wallin

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